My fee is $100-$200 per session. My offerings are always sliding scale based on your own self-discretion and I offer discounts for booking multiple sessions. I also LOVE to barter and have traded many things including farm fresh meat, clothing, alternative therapies, labor or skill trade, photography, etc.


Healing is Possible

1-2 hour session to have your birth story heard and held in all its layers , vulnerability, and truth. 

These sessions and how they flow vary from woman to woman. We always start with a guided meditation where I will call in your guides and ancestors for their wisdom to be channeled. Some women simply want to be seen and heard. Others may want to analyze trauma and find the truth of what happened based on physiological standpoint. After the story, I will give you some "homework" to further your healing beyond our session - this may include alterative therapies, spiritual practices, and self discovery


Let the Magic Begin

I have a special place in my heart for conscious conception. It was a long awaited and pivotal experience for me (Curious? Listen here!). For optimal MotherBaby health, I recommend 1-2 years or prep, however its never too late! We can discuss: 

  • Fertility awareness & body literacy

  • Menstrual magic (think beautiful rituals to reclaim your blood and your relationship with your body)

  • Nourishment, herbs, diet, lifestyle

  • Alternative therapies

  • Spirit baby communication

  • Energy and shadow work 

  • Sex and pleasure

  • Yoni steaming

  • Defining and obliterating "high-risk"

  • Authentic vs. false secuirty

  • Rewriting stories you may have about your body and your ability

  • Spiritual practices to incorporate


Authentic Care for the Sovereign Woman 

Unique care for your unique lifestyle. Ideally we will meet monthly throughout your pregnancy. As you near your birthing window, I will be available as any concerns, questions, or fears arise and we may meet more frequently. You will have the option for a BlessingWay ceremony hosted by me and an invitation to my free monthly Village Prenatal circle filled with other wild birthing women in our community. There is so much to explore:

  • Defining and obliterating "high-risk"

  • Authentic vs False security

  • Physiological {free}birth education

  • Previous birth story processing

  • Defining clear roles and boundaries for all birth witnesses

  • Birth envisioning/planning

  • Fear releasing rituals

  • Energy work

  • Birth space and items prep

  • Postpartum planning

  • Mother-led fetoscope listening and palpating 

Virtual or in-person options available.


Wild and Free

I am not a doula, midwife, or medical provider. I am here to witness you and offer reflection to your innate ability and intuition. I will be on-call for you during your set birthing window to offer emotional, physical, and energetic support during birth. I will be the energetic anchor as you float into the cosmos and bring your baby back. I'm usually found at a birth filling cups of tea, entertaining and feeding the older children, running a load of laundry, taking candid photos, filling a pool with hot water, or offering my wisdom whenever needed. After birth, I offer an extra set of hands to get you cleaned up, fed, and tucked into bed nursing your little one. I stay until I am no longer needed and leave your home looking as though a birth never occurred.

Contact me for further details


Mothering the Mother

The need to be witnessed and held doesn't simply end at birth. The first few weeks of integrating a newborn into your life deserve delicate, authentic, and holistic care. As your postpartum support, I will come to support you physically, emotionally, and energetically through:

  • Newborn care education

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Babywearing assistance

  • Elimination Communication and/or cloth diapering education

  • Energy work

  • Yoni steaming

  • Closing of the Bones ceremony

  • Nourishing meals, herbal support, and replenishing teas

  • Birth story processing

  • Placenta rituals


All Birth is Birth

Whether by natures design or conscious decision, I walk with women who chose to experience their pregnancy release (early birth) outside of the medical system. My support greatly varies but will look like:

  • Navigating choices

  • Energy work

  • Offering resources and education

  • Pre and post care

  • Yoni steaming

  • Nourishing food

  • Herbal support

  • Closing the Bones

  • Processing

  • Spirit baby communication


Together We Rise

I have a (free) private group of select, vetted, radical, like-minded women that gather for many events such as 

  • Monthly Village Prenatal

  • Monthly Womens Circle

  • Playdates with various ages

  • Book Club

  • Skillshare/trade

  • UPCOMING Girls Circle (ages 3-12)

Contact me to join the magic!