Hello, and welcome - I am Hannah

I am not a professional, a provider, a doula, or a midwife. I am quite simply a woman - a sister, a friend, a mother, just like you. After the traumatic birth of my Daughter and the shuddering realization that licensed midwifery had failed me (and many others), I chose to take radical responsibility for my family, my health, and my future. Nearly 4 years later, 30+ families served, a "high-risk" yet unmedicalized wild pregnancy, and an ecstatic freebirth of my son - I am here to be a lighthouse to the ability of a sovereign woman hell-bent on standing fully in her power. I walk with women who are planning conception, pregnancy, and birth outside of pathology and the conveyer-belt medical system.

My vision is to resurrect an ancient paradigm - a world where spirit, nature, intuition, and rite of passage are centered - The Matriarchy. My life's work is to ignite and connect with other women on this path. To uplift and support each other as we walk hand-in-hand through unlearning and relearning what it means to be a sovereign, free, self-sufficient woman in these increasingly codependent times. I don't have all the answers for you nor can I know your best path but I'd love to offer my community, support, and wisdom as you find your Authentic Truth. 

I strive to live every moment present, intentional, and conscious. I enjoy homemaking, community, plant magic, dancing around the fire, and ritual. My family consists of myself, my high school sweetheart husband, our 2 beautiful children, and many animals currently residing on our homestead in Snohomish, WA.