Lynnwood, WA, USA

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I hold this space because I know this space

So you're pregnant and you want a doula? Maybe a friend told you about how great their was or maybe you have big goals or maybe you just don't want to go it alone. I get it -- and I'm a bit different from your typical doula. I'm not a just another professional or a provider telling you what to do or when or how.

I am simply a human, a sister, a woman, a mother.

This is how I show up in the world

And that's how I see you. 

Not a ticking time bomb or a broken machine.

Not as someone to fix or save or manage or evaluate

But as a fellow human, totally capable of doing this really hard thing that you may be a little nervous to do so. I'm there as you enter the deeply intimate space, where anything could happen, on an unknown journey.

I can't go with you "all the way" but I'll hold a candle and show you the way. I'll hold your hand and I'll remind you of your power and ability. And we will talk through the scarier parts. And we may laugh together through some silly parts. And I shed tears through the raw parts (every single time) - for I see the ledge you are teetering on - and I see you face your insecurities with every wave. I see you doubt your ability to "hold on" (which is ironically when I remind you to "let go") I see you grasping deeper and deeper within - you almost always think it's getting harder but I only see growing strength.

True transcendence. Harnessing and thrashing within you, building power. Unteethered. Untamble. Totally wild.

And it's so glorious.

And then you've done it. And its over. But it's all just begun. Only seconds ago, you were lifting the veil between worlds- and now that precious life is here. Everyone and everything starts to flow back to 'normal'

But you've just done this thing and ---> I see you. 

This is how I doula. Yes, of course I squeeze hips and tie up hair and feed you snacks and lower the lights and do all the typical doula-ish things. But this.... this is what the real work is. Holding this space for birth is HUGE. I don't know what path is best for you or your family but I will always advocate for you to find it. I am unwavering support from start to finish -- far from classic 'professionalism' and deep into the intimate space that is birth.

Maybe these seems like "a little much" to you... and thats exactly why I am here! Birth and its implications are present regardless of your work and intentions. I see my true duty as 'doula' is opening your eyes to the greater magic at work. Inviting you to invest in your experience with open arms and endless reassurance. Sticking with you through it all. Reminiscing on it for years to come. Never forgetting these sacred moments.

I hope you feel peace in knowing I embrace this place, and I trust this space with all it's risks and twists and turns. Complications can arise - we all know that. I trust in birth to unfold in its own unique way, every time. And I'm here with you regardless of the path taken. Unconditionally seeing you through it, because no one should navigate this terrain without someone who hasn't. I do not fear the threshold or the space between life and death - I will see you through these flames.